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COVID-19 Situation

With the current coronavirus risk, many therapy sessions have moved to online video calls. Online therapy and video consultations are available for the well-being of the residents of California.
The Board of Behavioral and Science released guidance on March 2020 that NOW allows patients to be seen via live videoconferencing in their homes,located in California without having to travel to an ‚Äúoriginating site‚ÄĚ for psychotherapy.¬†
Psychotherapy is an essential part of the response to the COVID-19 crisis. As psychotherapists, we are uniquely qualified to explore with our patients the psychological sequelae of social isolation, job loss, fears of contagion, and grief. It is our privilege and obligation to support patients going through major life changes related to the pandemic, helping them to grapple with the upheaval that has been thrust upon all of us. With us, they can be seen, heard, and held in mind.



Positive people 
also have 
negative thoughts.
they just don’t¬†
let those 
 control them
 i was clever,
so i wanted
 to change the
 today I am wise,
 so i am changing 
the secret of
change is 
to focus all of 
your energy
 not on fighting
 the old, but on building
 the new